20 Personalized Gifts On Request

Gifts don’t have to be one-size-fits all. With personalized touches, you can make a gift even more special and let someone know how much they mean to you! From their initials on an item they love or something custom made just for them – there are countless ways to show your loved ones that no one else is quite like them.

Find the perfect present that reflects their unique spirit and style with these 40 amazing custom-made gifts! From personalized lightsabers to tailored planners, express your affection in a way they’ll never forget. Discover something special for every loved one on any occasion – show them how much you care!

A candle scented like their favorite city or hometown

For anyone missing the comfort of home, this candle is here to help! Combining cozy aromas like coffee and heliotrope with signature scents unique to several beloved cities, it’s a quick-and-easy way for people everywhere to recapture the essence of their hometown. One whiff will have them feeling right at home no matter where they are.

A custom eyeshadow palette

Treat the makeup maven in your life to an extra special present with a personalized ColorPop palette! Create their dream selection of vivid, high-quality shades and hues – from tried and true favorites to trendy new colors they won’t be able to resist. With this unique gift choice, you’ll make sure that even the most discerning beauty aficionado will feel truly spoiled!

Custom Name Necklace

A custom name necklace is the perfect way to show someone you care this holiday season. Choose from a variety of styles and fonts for an extra special touch, and add a bit of sparkle with dazzling charms, beads, or other adornments. With personalized name necklaces for adults, children and even pets, you can make sure everyone on your list feels special and appreciated. Whether it’s for your own loved ones or a thoughtful gift for someone else, a custom name necklace is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

An engravable gold necklace

Give her a gift she’ll never forget – an exquisite gold bar necklace with your own special words inscribed. With Blue Nile’s extensive online jewelry selection, you can create the perfect customized message for that someone special!

A custom planner to keep them organized

This custom planner is perfect for anyone who wants to get organized! From college students juggling classes and extracurriculars, budding entrepreneurs keeping track of business-related tasks, or those just wanting a neat system in place – it can all be created with the various customizable elements. Choose two sizes, design your own cover artwork/printing style and binding type along with selecting from readymade layouts like productivity tracking plans for workout regimes or school goals. Get ahead in life now by creating an efficient schedule designed specifically for you!

A made-to-order personalized song

Want to express your care for someone in the most meaningful way possible? Look no further than David Morgan’s music-making services: he will create a custom, emotionally captivating song from your story. Your own words turned into an audio and lyric masterpiece that you can share with anyone – truly a gift like no other!

A sweatshirt of birth month flowers

Show off your favorite birth month flowers in style! This unique and comfy sweatshirt can be customized with up to seven blooms per row. Make it the perfect gift for mom, a sibling, or special friend by choosing one of 10 available colors.

A scratch-off poster to flaunt the movies they’ve seen

Are you an avid film lover looking for a way to keep track of every movie-watching experience? Look no further than this fill-in poster! Whether your tastes are classic Westerns or horror, romance or comedy – these 1,500 must-see movies have something for everyone. Check off each title as you go and give yourself the ultimate rating system in cinema from the comfort of your own living room! Hang it up on any wall space and let the binge watching begin.

A candle inspired by astrology

Birthdate has crafted a heavenly collection of candles that bring together the mysterious powers of astrology and scent. Each candle is tailor-made for each day, with custom combinations to engulf your senses in astronomy’s secrets. With just one light from these flames, you’ll feel like all 365 days were written in the stars!

A whiskey-making kit they can customize to their liking

With this whiskey infusion kit, your loved one can be the master distiller of their own creations! Generously supplied with cocoa beans and orange peel to tantalize tastebuds, it grants them two bottles for double-the fun experimenting. Let their imaginations run wild as they concoct a signature whiskey blend that is distinctly theirs!

A made-to-measure suit

Indochino is the perfect way to obtain that luxurious, tailored look without draining your wallet. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion garment or an addition to your everyday wardrobe, this startup has got it covered; no compromise on quality and desirable customizations are just a few clicks away!

A custom record with songs and pictures of your choice

Make a lasting impression with PrintYourVinyl’s fully customized record! Give the perfect gift to commemorate your relationship, friendship, or yourself. Showcase special memories on personalized pictures that decorate both the sleeve and stickers of the vinyl itself while treasured tunes fill up six or 10 songs – all chosen by you!

A personalized take on a classic roller ball pen

This handmade craftsmanship is the perfect addition for family and friends who are passionate about creating art. It’s made from nearly unbreakable solid brass in a fashionable hexagonal shape, making it stand out among all other pens – plus, its personalization will make sure theirs stands tall against any competition!

A one-of-a-kind typewriter-inspired necklace

Give your writer friends a gift full of personality, history and character. Surprise them with an exquisite necklace crafted from authentic typewriter keys dated back to the roaring 1920s, 30s or 40s! Each pendant is delicately engraved with their first (or pen) name so they can carry around something truly special wherever they go.

A wearable recreation of their pet’s face

Your loved one will be feeling snuggly and stylish with this crewneck sporting a creative, hand-crafted embroidery of their furry pal! For the pup or kitty parents out there, it’s an ideal way to show off how much they love spending time with that special four-legged someone. This unique wearable art is sure to have them smiling ear to ear!

A custom “Star Wars” lightsaber

Treat your special someone to a truly out of this world experience with the perfect “Star Wars” light saber. Over 100 unique designs offer endless possibilities and customization, so they can fashion their very own one-of-a kind weapon from another galaxy – just like a real Jedi or Sith! With customizable features such as colors, addons and brands all in seven categories, it’ll be perfectly tailored for them.

A bestselling monogrammed robe

Enjoy a touch of luxury with the Chambers Hydrocotton Robe – tailored for every body type, made from long-staple Turkish cotton for superior softness and absorbency. Add an extra personal flair to your look by having it monogrammed! With this robe’s plush comfort, you’ll never go back to regular wearables again.

A nostalgic bracelet

Accessorize your look with this multi-colored, beaded bracelet! Spell out a name or phrase and bring back the ’90s vibes by stacking it together with other bracelets for an eye-catching statement.

A ceramic bowl with their pet’s name on it

Pampering our pets is often a preferable indulgence over pampering ourselves – why not treat both of you to something special? Give your furry friend an extra-special gift with their very own personalized bowl featuring their name, favorite animal or design!

A lovely birthstone ring

Give them the gift of remembrance with this one-of-a kind, personalized ring. Not only will you show that you’ve taken note of their special day and size – but it’s a beautiful reminder that no matter how far apart, they’re in your thoughts always!

A stylish monogrammed notebook

Whether they’re a creative who dreams in list form or an avid note-taker, this personalized notebook from Papier will make the perfect gift! With eight lush color blocks and three paper styles to choose from – be it lined, plain or dotted – you can add that extra special touch to show them how much thought went into their present.

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