Adorable Baby’s First Christmas Keepsake Ornaments

The holiday season is even more special when you have a new joy bundle. Here are Christmas ornaments 1 cute baby for baby boys or girls.

Round barky ornaments

Round Barky Ornament

Celebrate the arrival of your small bundle of joy with family and friends with our unique Christmas ornaments gift. Baby Christmas ornaments This is a special way to remember the details of your baby’s big day which will be appreciated for years to come up with this personalized prize.

Personal goyang horse

This beautiful Christmas ornament is perfect for commemorating the baby’s first Christmas. It is made of ceramic with wooden rockers and rocking horse designs are very pleasant. Made by mud pie, this Christmas ornaments measuring around 3 “by 4”.

Personalized Santa Claus Hat ornaments

This high-quality ornament is perfect for recalled ornaments. Customized only for new additions with their personalized name on stocking caps. We will personalize each ornament with the name of the handwriting to make custom keepsakes that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Wood Personal Ornaments

Wood Personalized Ornament

The first high-quality personalized Christmas ornaments are made from Birch and Basswood. Perfect to celebrate a new bundle of joy in the family. Make a great baby shower gift!

Willow angel trees soar

Artist Susan Lordi carved the original from each of the Willow Trees from his studio in Kansas City, Mo. This section was thrown from the original carved Susan and painted by hand. Sentiment on the hangtag reading, “Time to reflect, time to soar.”

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments First Baby Mahogany

Add a sweet touch to your tree with this Christmas ornaments that displays a place for photos of the latest family members. Ornaments are ready to be hung on your Christmas tree with hangers.

First Christmas Ornaments Onesie Onesie

This adorable one-shaped ornaments are laser engraved and cut from Birch 1/8 plywood “and personalized with baby names and details of their birth. This is the perfect way to commemorate the baby’s first holiday season and will make the perfect gift for the new little one in your life.

Teddy bear booties.

Teddy Bear Booties

Catch the joy, a new baby boy carrying this dear Christmas ornaments. A pair of bears bear blue bear hang satin ribbons that say “Christmas 1 baby 2019.” The artist was made by Debra Nielsen, this Christmas tree ornament featured a cloth accent. Pre-packaged in a box to provide gifts, preservation, and easy storage.

Handprint kit.

This is the funniest baby shower gift ever! Not to mention, the wisest! This super bundle is equipped with 4 ribbons and 2 horses so that your friends can choose how he displays the proud mold. And it’s all packed in a funny little gift box.

First Christmas as a three family

The first Christmas with your new joy bundle is a big problem! All Loftipop ornaments are printed by hand in the United States in high-quality flat white ceramics using sublimation techniques that ensure a living design that is durable.