How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle With A Miter Saw: Guideline And Tips

How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle With A Miter Saw: Guideline And Tips

How to cut a 45-degree angle with a miter saw? We guide you step by step to perform this operation perfectly. Check this article out for details!

When working at a woodshop, in addition to cutting angles such as 90 degrees or 120 degrees, 45 degrees is also an angle you often need to cut.

Usually, you will encounter these 45-degree angles when installing molding or needing to cut square windows, picture frames.

And the cutting tool you have is the miter saw (best miter saw for beginners buying guide here). In case you are wondering the right way to do it, please refer to our article right here.

Miter Saw Overview

How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle With A Miter Saw: Guideline And Tips

First, we are not sure you have a basic understanding and knowledge of this miter saw. So we will introduce a little about the product so that you can better understand.

The miter saw is a type of saw that can rotate the saw blade to perform a bevel cut. You can adjust your cutting angle that may not be possible with a conventional saw, by changing the edge.

Thanks to cutting skewers, the miter saw is mainly used to cut wooden molds or decorations. Sometimes people use it to cut bricks or plastic for construction.

Of course, you also need to choose the type of blade that is suitable for your needs for the machine.

Steps To Cut The 45 Degree Angle With The Miter Saw

How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle With A Miter Saw: Guideline And Tips 1

Follow the basic steps below to perform this operation quickly and.

Step 1: Prepare

There are two things you should prepare at this stage: space and practice. Sounds confusing, right? But I will explain it to you soon.

First, before cutting or using any other type of miter saw, we always recommend that users prepare a large enough space and have good lighting. You will be safer at work in case you are well prepared for this.

After that, you will find it crazy, but we think you should practice long enough to get a perfect cut. Because you know, cutting a 45-degree angle is not easy. So it would help if you practiced regularly.

Step 2: Check the saw

It is a significant step that we advise you to pay close attention to. Make sure the saw of the machine meets the following criteria:

  • Your saw should be cleaned with regular cleaning and wiping. Have by your side a dry rag to wipe whenever necessary.
  • Next is the saw blade. The most important thing is that the saw blade is sharp enough and that your opening is correct.
  • Make sure your saw table is clean and flat enough for you to cut an accurate saw line.
  • Adjust the saw and change the cutting angle accordingly.

Step 3: Fix the wood

Place your piece of wood firmly against the fence, then use a pencil or chalk to mark where you have to cut (we always recommend using a pencil if you have one as it gives more precision). Next, carefully inspect the area you have to cut.

Step 4: Turn on the machine and make cutting

Turn the machine to full speed before you cut it, then unlock the bevel. Note, right after opening, adjust the saw blade from left to right and align to get the desired 45-degree angle.

Next, what you have to do is make a definitive cut from the blade to the wood. Wait for the blade to come to a complete stop, and you’ve cut a piece of wood at a 45-degree angle.

Notes When Using The Cutter

How To Cut A 45 Degree Angle With A Miter Saw: Guideline And Tips 2

When operating any cutter, not just the miter saw, we all need to know these notes to avoid risks during use:

  • Do not wear clothes that are too loose and cause trouble during the cutting process.
  • Use safety glasses to prevent injury to your eyes.
  • Make sure the blade is sharp enough and adjust the maximum speed when cutting.
  • Before cutting, it is necessary to measure and check at least twice at the marked position.
  • If you haven’t had time to practice or are using it for the first time, we strongly recommend that you ask for help from an experienced relative or friend.

For more useful tips, you can check out the expert tips in this video below.


We’ve rounded up and answered some of the most common questions that beginners often ask. We hope this Q&A will be useful to you.

Is the miter saw good for cutting 45-degree angles?

It is the question we have received from the majority of users. So this article is also a good way for us to answer for you.

As we introduced just before, miter saws are different from ordinary simple saws. It not only cuts 90-degree angles but can cut all angles you want, including a 45-degree angle.

Therefore, the answer for you is that this cutter is perfect and quality to cut at horizontal or vertical angles.

How do you cut a 45-degree angle without The miter saw?

If you do not have the miter saw, we suggest you use a circular saw. In addition to a convenient and flexible operation, the circular saw can adjust different cutting angles through the adjustment frame.

Therefore, it is another solution when you have to cut corners and do not have the miter saw with you. We recommend read to find more detail about woodworking


Finally, we always appreciate the versatility and convenience of this miter saw with its ability to cut various angles. In addition, we believe we have provided you with a way to cut a perfect 45-degree angle.

Thank you for reading!