The 11 Best Gifts for New Homeowners

Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone, and the National Association of Realtors reports that many Americans stay in their homes for over 13 years. To commemorate this momentous event, why not give the gift of something special to your friends or family as they embark on their journey? Celebrate with one of these unique gifts tailored just for those settling in!

Moving into a new house can be an incredibly taxing experience. The legal aspects, emotional stressors, and physical labour involved are enough to send anyone over the edge! When gifting something special to those making such a major transition in life, consider giving them soothing spa products or offering your help: whether it’s babysitting duties so they can focus on unpacking or providing dinner after long days of manual labor. Such gestures will show you care while taking away some of the burden from their shoulders.

Congratulate a first-time homeowner with gifts that are both useful and special. Whether it’s to adorn their house or spruce up the yard, these practical presents will help them elevate their home life from an apartment to a house!

Congratulate your friends on their new home with a special, timeless gift that will add an extra spark of personality: Wooden Decor for Home’s custom welcome door sign! Whether you choose wood finish and letter colors to match the color scheme or pick something totally unique, this meaningful offering is sure to make them feel right at home.

Le Creuset Rectangular Baking Dish

Show your thoughtfulness and care with a timeless gift for new homeowners. With Le Creuset’s colorful stoneware, you can give them an extra special housewarming surprise! Prepare one of their favorite casserole recipes in the dish so they don’t have to worry about cooking when getting settled into their home – combine it with baking instructions on how to warm up the food at what temperature and time frame making this unforgettable present even more unique. Durable enough for multiple uses such as microwave-safe, oven-proof, freezer proof or put it right in the dishwasher — perfect choice that would last far longer than any other regular gift!

Apollo Home Tool Kit with 4.8-Volt Cordless Screwdriver

Homeownership can seem overwhelming at first, but even the least experienced DIYer can tackle a variety of home improvement projects with just some basic tools. From sprucing up surfaces to replacing broken components – there’s always something to be done in any new house.

This set is an essential kit for any home improvement and decoration project! Fully equipped with nails, picture hooks, screws, anchors and even a cordless screwdriver with multiple bits – everything you need to turn your new house into the perfect cozy home. In no time at all you can be hanging wall art or assembling closet storage pieces like a pro!

Pajama Sets For Women

This season, show her your love with an extra special gift – stylish Pajama Sets For Women! From classic to contemporary prints, there’s something for every woman. With so many styles and materials to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect matching set she can wear day or night. Treat her to luxurious comfort and leisurely style – give her the gift of pajamas!

Ring Video Doorbell

Give new homeowners peace of mind with a WiFi-enabled video doorbell. This helpful device can allow them to see, hear, and speak to visitors even when they aren’t at home! Perfect for both old or new homes as well as townhouses and condos—this is the perfect gift from parents or grandparents who want their adult children secure in their own residence.

Solo Stove Mesa

Surprise the new homeowners in your life with a unique gift that will make their outdoor gathering spot ready for any occasion! The Mesa tabletop fire pit from Solo Stove offers smokeless flame technology, perfect for romantic evenings at home or impromptu s’more roasting sessions. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing and small enough to easily store away when not in use – its versatility is sure to add excitement to get-togethers of all kinds! Include fixings for a delicious treat like marshmallows & chocolate along with this unexpected but appreciated gift.

Exploding Kittens Throw Throw Burrito Game

Introducing Throw Throw Burrito – the perfect gift to bring back family game night and make new memories in any home! This super silly card-meets-dodgeball game challenges players of all ages, from kindergarteners up through grandparents. Players use stress ball-like burritos instead of balls; it’s sure to get a few big laughs along the way as everyone takes their minds off recent moving stresses. So give your friends something different this year – great for birthdays or housewarming gifts alike!

WoodenDecorForHome Custom Welcome Door Sign

Create a special moment and show your love with a unique, handmade gift. Take the time to find something thoughtful that is truly tailored for them – like an Etsy-sourced welcome sign! Just remember to plan ahead so there’s enough time for crafting, shipping, and delivery of this meaningful surprise.

Give the perfect personalized gift to your loved ones this holiday season! Choose from four wood finishes and a variety of paint colors as background options for sizes ranging between 8-16 inches in diameter. If you prefer something more minimalist, leave off additonal bow or greenery enhancements – it’s totally up to you!

Spoonful of Comfort Housewarming Package

Welcome the new homeowners to their home with a delicious housewarming care package! Perfect for a day of unpacking, this comforting gift has everything they need for dinner and dessert. Two hearty 32-ounce containers of soup will have them feeling like it’s homemade in no time – plus don’t forget that ladle which can be used over and over again. And because who doesn’t love cookies? We’ve included half a dozen so everyone is all set for dessert as well!

Cheryl’s Cookies Hug in Every Bite Medium Bakery Basket

Congratulate the new homeowners with a special bundle of sweet surprises! Let them know you’re thinking of them by sending a gift box from Cheryl’s Cookies; it’ll be like giving two gifts, since in addition to 27 delicious treats including cookies and brownies, they will also get an attractive woven basket for their home. This thoughtful present is sure to bring joy and make everyone feel hugged – bite after yummy bite.

Bloomscape Mini Money Tree

Fill your new home with life and good luck, thanks to the money tree. Not only is it one of the best plants for those who are looking for easy indoor care, but its non-toxic leaves make it a safe choice if there’s curious pets roaming around too! Best part? The stylish pot comes preplanted in premium soil – all you have to do is introduce some sunlight and water into their lives. With five modern color options available, this low-maintenance plant will be at ease wherever it’s placed – just like any happy homeowner would be!

Rockin Canvas Custom Home Map

Give the perfect gift that will be treasured forever – a stunning, completely customized wall art piece for their new home! Whether they stay in this house or move to another someday, it’s sure to bring back special memories of when life first changed. There are multiple budget-friendly options: go digital and DIY print & frame yourself; order paper/canvas prints with your own framing choice; upgrade even further by having professionals handle both printing and framing. No matter how you choose to give this unique memento — everyone involved is guaranteed happiness!

Threshold Quote Doormat

Congratulate your friends on their new home by helping them create a warm, welcoming entrance with the perfect doormats. Celebrate this milestone moment in style and suit any taste – from modern farmhouse to rustic chic! Choose an inspirational “There’s No Place Like Home” welcome mat and layer it up for that extra sparkle. Target has lots of designs, colors, quotes – so you’re sure to find something special just for them!

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